Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit

399.00 kr

The Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit is an e-cigarette in vape pen format that provides the ultimate sub-ohm experience. The K4 comes with the Cleito tank which has been developed to produce a lot of steam while retaining an excellent taste – a balance that is difficult to achieve.

The 2000 mAh battery allows you to continuously use your K4 for approx. 5-6 hours, and it is easily charged via the Micro-USB port at the bottom. Although the K4 doesn’t really have any advanced settings, you can easily adjust the airflow to suit your vaping style.

This e-cigarette fits the experienced electric cigarette user. If you are a beginner we recommend our EQ Pro Kit
Note! This starter kit is sold without e-juice. You will find e-juice here
Note! We recommend using e-juice with max 6 mg nicotine with this e-cigarette

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